Credit cards + money exchange

Hier könnt Ihr posten, wenn Ihr Karten übrig habt oder noch Karten sucht. Auch zum Tage tauschen wäre hier der Ort. Findet Euch!
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Credit cards + money exchange

Postby jensenbreck » Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:32 pm

Just like anywhere in the world, almost every shop/restaurant in UAE accepts credit cards. I would recommend you to exchange a small amount of AED currency before departing, and use an ATM on arrival as they always have the best exchange rates, please notify your bank that you will be using your credit/debit card abroad! they will most likely lock your account if they see a transaction made abroad with out you notifying them. this happened to me while I was in Mexico.

The Dirham is the currency used in Dubai and you will need to exchange any foreign currency to the local currency. The Dirham is pegged to the USD. The rate is 3.65/3.68 dirhams to the dollar. most probably you will get better rate for the dirhams here in Dubai than in the USA.


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